15 February 2010

Benjamin Heisenberg’s DER RAUBER Trailer

source QuietEarth 

DER RAUBER (The Robber) is the second full length feature from new German director Benjamin Heisenberg and stars Andreas Lust as Johannes Rattenberger in a true story of an Athelete who became obbessed with robbing banks as a "hobby".

Even during robberies he still thinks like an athelete by measuring his heart rate, stamina and efficiency. Even hidding his passion from his girlfriend  he needs to get his regular fix of heists but he has no goal and like an athlete he must always be alert and on the go.

Like our source QuietEarth I dont know much about the story of Rettenberger apart from the movie is based on a Martin Prinz novel about the athlete who was knicked named "Pump Gun Ronnie". The movie is part of the Berlin International festival  which is currently happening in the city at the moment.

The movie is actually an Austrian movie and according to Imdb the movie is due to be released in Austria sometime this month so it may already be out, anyway check out the trailer below:

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