21 September 2018


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On 15th September 2009, I started Cinehouse as an alternative to my main site The Peoples Movies. Giving me a chance to talk and review the alternative side of the mainstream film. From World Cinema, Arthouse, Indie film, Short film, the weird and wonderful. For about 6-7 the journey was great though bumpy one. Then came along some wonderful people who decided to help keep the site going and did a brilliant job. But even those great things must end and today Cinehouse 9 years, 6 days old I've Decided to put Cinehouse into Hiatus. Not the end but at the moment closed for now.

Like to thank everyone  who has written for the site, read, likes, shared, gave opinion on the reviews and posts. If you're looking for World Cinema, indie, arthouse, classic film head over to The Peoples Movies which we'll cover more of what we did here.