13 February 2010

Classy Crime-Noir POUTA (Walking Too Fast)

source TwitchFilm
Nothing better than a old style crime drama set behind the former iron curtain, full of conspiracies, backstabbers and 'missing' persons. I have a friend who now lives in Scotland and was in Slovakia (then part of Czech Republic) and she would tell me about how bad it was and even simple things we take for granted it would have been a miracle then, so a crime genre during the cold war is perfect setting.

POUTA (Walking Too Fast) is the latest movie from Czech director Radim Spacek which is based in 1982 Czechoslovakia when the country was ruled by a totalitarian regime and Anton is an secret Police member. Bored of life, bored, uneasy of the current regime at time seen as pyschopathic he breaks the rules he has followed for many years by not as civic or political statement but a rebellious statement of boredom. Anton is also fascinated with a girl called Klara not through love but for a chanel of escape but his passion sees him up against the people he works for and works against

POUTA is out now in Czech Republic.

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