13 March 2010

The trailer for Portugese movie EMBARGO

source TwitchFilm

If you love all thing absurd dark and damn right obscure ala Coen Brothers you should check out the trailer below for Portugese Movie EMBARGO.
The black comedy was directed by António Ferreira  and is about a hot dog salesman with an invention thats going to revolutionize the shoe industry but he has one one problem he's stuck in his car and cant get out. The Coens would love this script  but if this movie does well in its native Portugal dont be surprised if Hollywood comes knocking on the door and buys the rights to it.

enjoy the trailer which is after the offical synopsis.

Nuno is a man working at a hotdog stand, who also invented a machine which promises to revolutionize the shoe industry- a foot scanner. In the middle of a gasoline embargo and finding himself in a strange predicament, Nuno tries desparately to sell his machine, obsessing for the success that would help him get the things he wants out of life. When Nuno is mysteriously confined to his car, he misses the once in a lifetime chance to finally produce his invention, finding his life suddenly embargoed.

EMBARGO (TRAILER) - a film by António Ferreira - based upon the homonymous story by José Saramago from Zed Filmes on Vimeo.

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