13 March 2010

We Will We Will "SUCK" you!! Trailer for the vampire rock comedy

source GordonTheWhale
When I first saw this I thought someone was taking the piss, but no SUCK just looks a fantastically funny comedy directed by Rob Stefaniuk . Basically its a story about a failed band who will do anything to become famous and rich of course they do, they all become vampires!!!
The movie has a polethra of musical talents involved icluding Iggy Pop! Alice Cooper who just looks at home in this movie and even vegan proud Moby as a character called Beef! oh I forgot the king of modern B-Movies Malcom McDowell is in it with a great dirty eye patch, this just look silly but also a fun movie as well.
This movie debuted at the 2009 Toronto Film Festival and has did the rounds at a few other festivals hopefully this year maybe the odd UK or Irish festival as well. Talking of festivals it will be one of the many movies playing at the SXSW Festival  which kicked off today in Austin Texas USA.

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