3 April 2010

Trailer For Yuasa Masaaki's YOJOHAN SHINWA TAIKEI!

source TwitchFilm
During my teens into early twenties my highlight of the weekend was heading upto Glasgow city centre to the comic book shops to my latest dc or marvel comics which eventually came manga and anime. Every day I would try source out new stuff but as time went by I lost interest mostly down to lack of money to buy what I like, but more recently I have started to rediscover anime once again and like my movie education I want to rediscover my anime/manga again.
Above is a second trailer for Yuasa Masaaki's YOHJOHAN SHINWA TAIKEI  a fantastic looking anime, with first look at the first character I thought I was looking at Japan's version of Desperete Dan! But what we get here is an fine example of great Japanese animation that graphically looks alternative but still with distinctive anime traits. it seems Masaaki shifts his drawing style per project which is sometimes a good thing but can be negative as well but on first impressions this is great stuff and a example how how talented the artist is.
Yohjohan Shinwa Taikei is an anime made for Japenese TV which will be starting soon and all I can say is brilliant stuff...give me more!!!

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