28 May 2010

Trailer for SKATELAND

source SlashFilm

Skateland  is the directoral debut for Anthony Burns which made its debut at this years Sundance festival and also was a nominee in the drama section as well. The movie is a coming of age story set in 1980's small town in eastern Texas USA which sees a 19 year old skating ring manager Ritchie (played byShiloh Fernandez) make him look at life in a brand new way.
The movie also stars Twilight's Ashley Greene, Heath Freeman, and A.J. Buckley watch the trailer after the break....

“Skateland explores the rupture of charismatic Ritchie Wheeler, brother and sister Brent and Michelle Burkham, and wise-cracking lady-killer Kenny Crawford’s seemingly complacent existence as they struggle with the collapse of their tumultuous home lives, the alcohol-induced idling of reckless adolescence, and the wane of their hometown hangout, the local roller rink. A story syncopated with moments of violent turbulence, of heartbreak and of new beginnings, Skateland immerses the audience in the brutal, but beautiful vastness of East Texas blue skies and the emotional claustrophobia of the bible belt. Enveloped by the brooding melodies and incendiary rock riffs of the early 80’s, Skateland is a place where aging values wrestle with contemporary pop culture to create a paradoxical balance between old and new.” - source Slashfilm

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