24 July 2010

2 Teaser trailers For South Koren Horror Flick DESERTED HOUSE

source Beyond Hollywood
In wonderful world of movieland there flick been created and let loose on us all the time and if a particular movie genre is doing well you have a habit of seen similar movie been created a dime a dozen, sometimes too many and usually not of good standards. Lost footage type movies there's plenty of them and South Korea has its fair share of them and below is 2 trailers for DESERTED HOUSE and first impressions of these trailers these look some of the better ones as well scary buggers as well! I do like horrors and movies like Deserted House but like movies world wide there's been too much, so its good to see movies with potiental.

If you are from South Korea This movie will be in a cinema near you from August 19th, the rest of us expect it on DVD before end of this year, eary 2011Check out the trailers after the break and tell us what you think of them...

In 42 years, 6 people have disappeared! 8 people have died! There have been 11 murders! Everyone is afraid of the deserted house with the ghosts. It is prohibited to enter if you are alive. But three deserted home society members and three filming team members enter the deserted house. They break the taboo of deserted homes and enter the world of  spirits
. But they disappear one day… And there is only a video they left behind.

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