10 July 2010

A Radiant Trailer For a (Wet) Summer Day! Trailer For SUMMER CODA

source TwitchFilm

Well the summer been here for a few weeks now and depending what part of the world your from depends how good or how wet your summer will be, well I think I missed the good part of the summer been abroad in Greece (and greece was getting poor weather!) its now rain typical!Now you maybe like me just rain nothing else but here's a trailer for an Australian movie which hopefully bring a little radiance into your life SUMMER CODA.
This is a romantic drama set in the rural vineyards of Australia and California, its premier will happen at this years Melbourne Film Festival with its possible release in October. Written and directed by Richard Gray and starring Rachael Taylor(Transformers), Alex Dimitriades(Underbelly), Kate Bell, Jacki Weaver(Animal Kingdom), Nathan Phillips and Susie Porter.
check out the trailer after the break....

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