21 July 2010

Trailer For Un Poison Violent (Love Like Poison)

source QuietEarth
I love Radiohead and have there music on my mp3 player as well play via my laptop as I write this blog, love it when there songs are used in movies be it the originals or covers by others but how many trailers are we going to get with the cover of Creep as its tune?
First we have David Fincher's Social Network trailer and now add Un Poison Violent (Love Like Poison)Katell Quillévéré’s new movie. What's so annoying its the same choir cover so the count is on to see which film will use it next!
Un Poison Violent is an awarding winning movie winning one of the prizes at this years Cannes Festival and the movie is about Anna a young girl who comes home from boarding school to find her family is falling apart. Throw in her confirmation, her father leaving and her  new love interest.
The movie does look wonderfully shot and it does seem to cover religion and faith quite strongly with the young girl questioning her faith which is good as a religion is usually forced on people when there young by there parents, I repsect religions but against religion been forced on people by others. If you want religion,you will find it not others and despite the repetite music it does help the trailer very well.
The movie is out in France on August 4th, trailer after the break...

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