30 July 2010

Unsettling Trailer For Dutch Drama The Odd One Out (Vreemd bloed)

source QuietEarth
About 11 years ago whilst at college I had a part time job at a well known British supermarket chain (wont name names but a tv chef in there ads likes his pukka) and how they worked and I was put in the butcher section. I really did hate cut things, blood out of the packaging and I'm not a vegetarian but the funny thing was the person I replace was a vegan! how could the girl work in such an environment!

When you watch VREEMD-BLOED (The Odd One out) who feel for Jere the youngest of a family of violent butchers, he is the odd one out, he doesnt want to be a butcher but he is forced to follow the family tradition. The whole trailer is like Jere's one big nightmare as he learns the cruelity at a young age the surreal trailer glides throug his life and after the openingyou think this will be a gorefest movie but it's not.

As they say never judge a book by its cover, trailer after the break...

Slightly surrealistic family drama about three generations of butchers set in the South of the Netherlands from 1960 till 1983. The youngest member of the family is born on Christmas Eve 1960. As his brothers, Cor, Arie and Bolle, he is predestinated to become a butcher. But the child, called Jere, is different and so provokes his father. At the same time father is forced to give up his traditional butcher shop in competition with modern times. 

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