8 August 2010

Japanese Trailer for Isabel Coixet's MAP OF THE SOUNDS OF TOKYO

Below is the Japanese trailer for Isabel Coixet’s Map of the Sounds of Tokyo  which is getting a release in Japan as well as USA.
In Japan the movie is getting released under the title of Night Tokyo Day with a September 11th release date and in USA released this month (25TH) by IFC Films via Video On Demand, as for UK there is no details but the movie was shown at this years Bird's Eye View Festival in March.The movie was also played at last years Cannes Film Festival.
The movie stars Rinko Kikuchi as a solitary girl living in Tokyo named Ryu working as a fish market worker and hit-woman, leading a double life. When Midori, the daughter of a powerful impresario named Nagara Takeo Nakahara, commits suicide, his employee Hideo Sakaki hires Ryu to kill the man believed responsible for Midori’s death, a spaniard named David (Sergi L√≥pez).  Min Tanaka a sound engineer is  obsessed with the sounds of the city and fascinated by Ryu acts as narrator as an unlikely love affair develops between the assassin and her
 mark, trailer after the break...

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