23 August 2010

Theatrical Trailer For Korean Slasher BEDEVILLED

Jang Cheol-soo’s slasher/revenge movie has its theatrical trailer in time for its release and if your going to theBEDEVILLED Frightfest next week in london, on Monday 30th you can ctach this movie when it has its UK Premiere.
A while back I posted the promo trailer for this movie which came with English subs but now the trailer has been polished and edited up to a better professional standard and now doesnt have English Subs! 
The movie will open in South Korea in September, check out the new trailer after the break...

the tale of two women. One wants to escape to the idyllic island of Moodo, the other wants to leave it for the big city. Seoul banker Hae-won once visited Moodo to see her grandparents and had befriended Bok-nam a girl who still writes despite Hae-won never bothering to reply. But on Moodo again to regain balance to her life, Hae-won is shocked to see everyone treating Bok-nam like a slave. As practically the only young woman on the island, she is a plaything for the men and a workhorse for the women. But true to form Hae-won remains indifferent to Bok-nam’s pleas for help, not wanting to become involved in complicated situations. Then Bok-nam loses the only thing that had kept her going and finally snaps, a sickle in hand to mete out the bloodiest of revenge. - Frightfest

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