27 August 2010

TIFF 2010:Trailer For Koen Mortier's 22ND OF MAY

Koen Mortier made a name for himself with his debut movie EX-Drummer a movie about disabled guys creating a  rockband who hire a local writer to play drums and all there new drummer can do is manipulate them. The movie gots a massive cult following worldwide and rightly so and now the Belgium director is back with a more shattering  movie 22 MAI (may) which is due to have its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival.
The movie centre's arounda security guard called sam who is a guard at a small shopping mall that becomes a victim of a terrorist explosion, its a more somber affair than Mortier's previous movie and I really love the slow motion of the trailer as when life changing events happen they happen fast and reality doesn't sink in but if slow things down you start to get a feel of whats just happened! Check out the first trailer after the break...

... While everything around him is burning, Sam tries his best to help. He drags a woman outside against her will. She is screaming, struggling to get back inside to save her child. But Sam is already back on the scene, trying to rescue other victims, all of them just as helpless as he is. They are strewn over the floor, covered in blood, their clothes shredded to pieces, feeling utterly lost. As their cries turn into screams, Sam is overpowered by fear and panic. First there was the shock, then the realization of what happened. Without thinking, he starts to run, turning his back to the apocalyptic scene. He flees, running along the streets of a city that once felt as familiar as a friend, but now seems more like a dark monster ...

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