5 September 2010

Trailer For The King Of Vampires

 source QuietEarth
Is this Rambo with vampires? Iwonder its a trailer or looking at the length of it a promo trailer for KING OF VAMPIRES set in the darkest realms of the Cambodian rainforests I wonder if John Rambo will be around to kick some vampire ass?
trailer after the break.....

A mysterious Heiress enlists MERCENARIES to search the Cambodian Jungle for her long lost brother. The journey down river turns bloody; the Mercenaries find that the jungle is infected, all the animals are vampires. As they fight their way deeper and deeper down river, they realize the jungle is haunted by a savage barbarian warlord, who is rumored to be Lord of the Undead: KING OF VAMPIRES.

King of Vampires teaser
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