6 December 2010

Detective K: Secret Of A Peddlers Inn Gets First teasrer Trailer

A new teaser trailer for IM Sok-yun's Detective K: Secret Of A Peddlers Inn gets a teaser trailer before its January 27th,2011 release in South Korea. The movie also stars KIM Myung-min and HAN Ji-min


Wherever he goes or whatever he does, trouble seems to follow detective KIM. He receives a special mission from the king to investigate LIM’s family, one of the royal families. LIM is suspected of funneling taxes to be paid to the king and it is KIM’s mission to find the evidence to support that suspicion.
During his investigation, he acquaints LIM’s daughter-in-law Ah-young, whose reputation for her loyalty to one man is well known all over the town. With the help of Ah-young, KIM uncovers a conspiracy despite LIM’s constant interference. KIM falls deeper into the rabbit hole and endangers himself in the process.

Any time Ive seen promotion for this movie I seem to think its the chinese Dectective Dee movies which they are not though you can see similar style plus there both period crime dramas, teaser trailer after the break...

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