27 January 2011

Trailer Teaser For Jeong Woo Cheol’s SHOTGUN LOVE

The teaser trailer for Jeong Woo Cheol’s SHOTGUN LOVE has appeared online. The movie stars Im Chang-jung, Kim Gyoo Ri, Kim Tae Hoon, Kim Soo Mi, and Kang Seong Jin with the movie expected to be released around March time in Korea.
The story is about a average man who lands himself mediocre jobs on a television shopping channel which he crashes into his collegue. He gets a chance to have a drink with her and he gets totallydrunk to waken up in a motel room naked no idea how he got there, but he believes he's made a dream move on his workmate who he has liked for a while but she brings him back down to earth and tells him shes pregent with his child!


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