23 January 2011

Yu Li's BUDDHA MOUNTAIN (Guan yin shan) Trailer

When I went to China in Summer 2009 to visit my then Girlfriend BingBingFan was was interviewed in the airline's magazine, when I arrived in china I asked her about her she told me shes big but not very popular, basically many peopledidnt rate her highly. I found it quite strange as regularly I here about her in western press when it came to Chinese movie industry, whatever way peoplethink she is a known name outside her native land.
Below is the trailer for GUAN YIN SHAN or Buddha Mountain Fan's latest movie which delves into loss and connection about 3 twenty-somethings who get a house together in order to sort there ownselves out. They answer an advert advertised by a retired oprea singer (Sylvia Chang) whom is grieving the loss of her son, however the four do clash over differences which end up invading their lanlord's own privacy but slowly a bond starts between them.
There's something about this trailer gives a movie a arthouse feel to it, just doesnt feel a typical Chinese type of movie which could be good for it internationally. You do get a little bit of Sofia Coppola style in the movie too and this trailer doesnt have any speaking in it just music which isnt the typical asian pop/jpop music which sometimes ruins the movie.

Buddha Mountain  also stars will be out in China from March


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