21 January 2011

Zsombor Dyga's Run to Ground Trailer

I must be one of the very few people who did enjoy the Red Riding Trilogy which was shown on UK tv a few years back, I enjoyed but excessively enjoyed as some people go on about it, it was good but not that good. Well you may like this its RUN TO GROUND (UtolĂ©R) by Hungarian filmmaker Zsombor Dyga, it has many elements from  Red Riding, very amotspheric looking like a decent thriller and what I really like about this, its in English (well most of the time) as its a anglo Hungarian-British-Slovakian co-production!

Some wounds never heal. In a rundown East European town, the everyday lives of three working people are violently disrupted: a boy goes missing, a woman is stalked, and a man comes face to face with the killer of his child. A sinister chill grips the air as Margo scouts the streets in search of her son's missing friend. Terrified by threats to her family, Alma sets out in the dark to confront her stalker. And Peter, seizing the opportunity for revenge, kidnaps his son's killer and goes on the run. The chase is on, the police net is tightening, but who are the hunters and who the prey? With the lives of innocents at stake, victims, predators and avengers must all be run to ground, before it's too late.

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