26 March 2011



Reviewer Dexter Kong
Rated: 15 (UK)
Drector: Richard Ayoade
Cast: Craig Roberts, Sally Hawkins , Paddy Considine, Noah Taylor, Yasmin Paige

Submarine is the first feature from director Richard Ayoade, whose portfolio includes music videos for the likes of the Vampire Weekend and Arctic Monkeys, he also comes from a background of comedy acting in numerous TV shows.

Submarine follows Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts) and his outlook on first loves, divorce, strained relationships, death and pretty much whatever life can throw his way. Tate is an incredibly whimsical character who is set up from the beginning as being far removed from reality. He begins a relationship with his secondary school crush, Jordana (Yasmin Paige), which we follow throughout the film.

The performances from the cast is great all round. The two main leads Paige and Roberts are sublime and manage to perfectly capture a very realistic bond. They have every small expression down to a T.  Whilst Noah Taylor and Sally Hawkins are brilliant as Oliver’s conservative parents in a fraught crumbling relationship. The same can be said for Paddy Constantine as the Ninja Mystic.

Richard Ayoade must be praised for his brilliant handling of the tenuous relationships between the characters and his fully comprehensive directing abilities. The film is full of subtle moments which add great depth and the camera movements are used to full effect to add an even greater comical value. Even just throwaway things like fading to colour instead of black, felt like something in itself. It is apparent that Ayoade has great command over every aspect of the film and imparts his own unique style. Much like Wes Anderson, Ayoade too comes across as an auteur.

The soundtrack also plays a part in making the film what it is, with songs provided by Alex Turner of ‘Arctic Monkeys’, who is a friend of Ayoade’s. It sets the tone for the film and provides a sombre mood.
Submarine never steps of the mark of being too quirky, but constantly keeps a foot in realism. It never felt overbearing or unnecessary. The films works on so many levels as a comedy and drama, and I thoroughly recommend people go watch it.

movie rating: 4.5/5


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