17 April 2011

COP HARD Episode 8: Larry is Prisoner of Cell Block H

How could I forget?!! Its Sunday and that means another fine episode of the bizzare web series COP HARD. In episode 8 we see Larry go undercover again not as a stripper or back to hell but to prison  as his search to find the bearded clown intensifys. So can our hero adapt? learn the rules? know how to do doggy? Of course he can, here's hoping he gives his cell mate a good slapping, why? You know if you whatch those pop idol type programmes and they get some on who think there the best but actually are tone deaf?! Well Larry's cellmates so called 'Scottish ' mate its obivous he's not Scottish, very bad accent not as bad as Dick Van Dyke attempting a London Cockney accent and before you kick off I am Scottish myself!


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