15 April 2011

Watch the Trailer for Animated Feature THE SUICIDE SHOP

If your a samaritan you may find this one a little offensive or your opened minded you may enjoy this trailer for THE SUICIDE SHOP(Le Magasin Des Suicides). The dark humorous animation from Patrice Leconte is a tongue and cheek movie that really takes a poke at suicide, a bit like on of those parody songs the Monty Python Team used to break into. The movie is based in a dark grey miserable city were the city's main growning industry is suicide and for generations a family a ray of light in this dour city has been offering suiciders every qaulity product under the sun to make sure they have that perfect suicide. Then comes martin a new baby to the family, but there's one thing about him, he smiles and he's happy! and generations of suicide shop owners may now be under threat.
Movies not out for at least another year until spring 2012, for now check out the teaser trailer below...


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