27 May 2011

Time to Hunt Some Bikers in Exploitation Flick PLEASE GOD NO!

Grindhouse exploitation movies have been making a resurgence the past few years, the once underground film sub-genre has been on the up  mainstream movies such as Machete and recent rubber, Hobo with a Shotgun. The question are they anything close to level of 'violence' the original movies used to exploit? The answer is probably no there just film studio fat cats trying to make more money out of previous sub genres making the 'cool' again. Hobo does its best to pay homage to the movies but there is one movie that does look proper old school exploitation DEAR GOD NO!

Directed by James Anthony Bickert and tells the story of a biker gang hiding out in a cabin in the woods after a killing& rape spree only finding themselves the hunted from a 'flesh eating Killing machine'. It looks a cheesy fun entertaining movie that will please the purists and the director has filmed the movie on a 16mm camera which gives the whole look a DIY Feel. They even have the 1970's style voice over guy which slighly overkills the trailer a little bit but overall it doesn't look too graphical to put you off.

Nothing has been announced yet for releasing this in cinemas or Dvd.

The film follows an outlaw motorcycle gang known as "The Impalers" as they wind down a tri-state rape and murder spree. After a gruesome battle with rival club, "Satan's Own," the survivors hole up in a secluded cabin in the North Georgia Mountains. Taking advantage of what seems like easy marks for their depravity, the rough and tough Impalers soon find themselves struggling to survive the flesh-eating killing machine that lives in the forest.

source QuietEarth

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