29 June 2011


Last year we had the movies that everyone wanted to make, those Oscar winning  flicks that inspired Expendables, and got James Cameron foaming at the mouth with jealousy of the high tech  world class  fx's, you remember ACTION NANANANANANANAANANNANA!!!

How could you forget! well that was 2010, now its 2011 Hollywood's high brass are looking for more divine inspiration in a year that has been disappointing for the blockbusters but a big pay cheque for the so called minnows, so what did they do that the block busters never did? Create the perfect trailer! One thing you have to do is not deceive the movie goers, only tease them by giving them a little bit of everything but not enough to spoil the movie or make you think the movie is something else. So who could Hollywood look to for that perfect trailer? The Masters, Bangladeshi cinema!!!

Your probably like me unless your a native of the country haven't got a scooby doo about Bangladeshi cinema, I hope your listening Mr Snyder take notes. You want to give the movie fan a little bit of extreme action, showmanship, over the top acting, professionalism, fight scenes and of course those big style song and dance scenes! But do you have a clue what the movie is about? Of course not, so you'll have to go and see the movie to find out! Below are two examples of great Bangladeshi movie trailer, turn the volume up, have some extra clean underwear (as you'll piss yourselves  laughing), move away breakable furniture as your going to be doing the original Footloose meets jean claude van damme...enjoy!

I know your asking what the hell did he just write? Trust me these trailer as funny

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