19 July 2011

Watch The Creepy Trailer For K-Horror PARASITE SOUL (aka Gisaeng Spirit/Ghastly)

The Asian film industry is certainly a 'spirited' bunch of filmmakers as they do like their horror flicks especially the ones with a ghost or demon. The Ring is one of those movies which has a big influence on Asian horror and in this new South Korean horror PARASITE SOUL (aka Gisaeng Spirit/Ghastly) but dont let that put you off as this looks a intriguing horror. Information on the movie is very slim but what we do know is the movie tells the story of a dead child' spirit which possess a body of a young boy to commit gruesome bloody murders.

The movie stars Han Eun-jeong, Hyomin, Noh Min-woo, Lee Hyeong-seo, Hwang Ji-hyeon ,Jeon Byeong-cheol and will be out in Korea on August 4th.

source Filmsmash

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