15 September 2011


"Happy Birthday!!!!" Cinehouse!! Yes ladies and gentle, boys and girls Cinehouse is 2 years old today, yes 2 years old!!!! I cannot believe it! It was a miracle the site lasted 1 year as we only gave this site 6 months then go under, but thanks to you, film studios who send us their screeners, previews, news the site has just got bigger and stronger so thank you all and please keep supporting Cinehouse and The Peoples Movies which is 3 years old this November!

But I like to leave one big special thanks to Cinehouse Pierre, who is the man behind the look of Cinehouse, when in early January he gave the site swift make over and within weeks the benefit of changing was there for all to see. Cinehouse has moved from 10,000 hits a month to nearly 40,000 a month which is a fantastic achievement ...Thank You Pierre!

As a birthday present to Cinehouse in the next few hours its time the blog joined the dot com generation, so sometime today or early hours of September 16th Cinehouse new address will be:


So please remember to update your bookmarks, if your sharing links please change as well.!

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