27 September 2011

NSFW Trailer for Bizarre J-Horror Erotica BITE ME IF YOU LOVE ME

Oh those crazy Japanese! If you need someone to come up with something uniquely wacky, surreal and unexpected it would probably come from a Japanese director and that director I have in mind is Naoyuki Tomomatsu of Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl fame. . BITE ME IF YOU LOVE ME can only be described as a schoolgirl erotic comedy, a pretty girl who only has eyes for zombies and other undead 'men', it's bad but in a way great this is a certain cult classic in the making!

Hitomi is a pretty high school girl who adores zombies. She has no interest in handsome boys like all other her friends. She has been mad for zombies as far back as she can remember. Hitomi has watched every zombie film ever made and she has an impressive collection of zombie goods and memorabilia
Hitomi's wettest dream is to have a zombie boyfriend, but no one believes she really wants to fall in love with a zombie. Then, one day, she meets up with Shota, a high school boy who everybody knows is still a virgin. This nerdy student is nicknamed "Zombie‐kun," or 'little‐boy' zombie. Hitomi studies every transformation technique she can get her hands on, hoping to develop a spell that will change Shota into a real zombie. Will Hitomi's efforts pay off? Will she actually manage to have her wettest dream come true and have sex with a post‐rigor mortis zombie?


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