6 October 2011

Trailer to AUGUST 8 has Single Mums, Boyfriends, Giant Robots and War!

It's hard been a single mum in the world, so what about Moscow, Russia and Xenia a mum finally gets a weekend away from her son and off for hopefully a naughty weekend in the city with her man. Its a dream scenario for a mum new boyfriend time to be naughty again with no worries for a few days, wrong! Xenia and her new man have ended up in the middle of all out war the full works the guns, tanks, planes and a few big robotic fellows battling in Dzhanik Faizyev's AUGUST 8.

Its amazing what a film maker can do with tones of realistic news reel/footage making a real war into a fictional one and this movie does have a fair share of action, thrills, spills with a big dose of melodrama thrown in to. The question is, we did mention a child earlier a boy could this all be a figment of his imagination? Trailer suggests that check it out...


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