28 October 2011

Friendships Never Last... At Least in THE LAST JOURNEY (Den sidste rejse)

Who said Friendships last? Ok 99% of them do but those that don't usually end in bad blood especially in THE LAST JOURNEY (Den Sidste Rejse) the new film from Lasse Spang Olsen. What If Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau did there Odd Couple but brought in a few extra friends like guns may a few explosions car crashes up the level of 'violence' we would get this film from the man who has made a name from himself as a stuntman (and still does) come director. Its in his blood to crash into wall, dodge bullets as well as throw in a bit light dark humour (light is just me been sarcastic!) . Danish Cinema might be the land of arthouse cinema but Lasse Spang Olsen is the one that got away, check out the trailer below!


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