6 October 2011

LFF 2011: UK Trailer For MISS BALA (Miss Bullet)

If you have a daughter who is a fashionista who may even want to go as far as enterting a Miss World style competition to prove her beauty and save the worlds problems by slipping into a ball gown dress, heels and a tiara, parents we may have the answer for you! Gerardo Naranjo’s Miss Bala (Miss Bullet) get them to watch this film and you can bet your bottom dollar it will put them off stepping into any beauty comp!

Metrodome have sent us the official UK trailer and Poster for this insane movie which premiered away back in May at this years Cannes Film Festival leaving in a blaze of glory with fantastic review s and on October 28th the movie will be heading to a cinema near you when it arrives in UK &Ireland. If you can't wait that long next weeks London Film Festival we will get a chance to see this movie which is also Mexico's entry into the Oscars for Best Foreign Film.

Miss Bala is a story of Laura, a young aspiring beauty queen who finds her dream turned against her when she unwillingly gets involved with a criminal group at war in today's lawless Mexico.

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