13 March 2012

UK Trailer For BABYCALL Starring Noomi Rapace

I don't know how I missed this one when it arrived online a few days ago but here it is Pal Seltaune’s dark psychological thriller BABYYCALL Starring Swedish actress in demand Noomi Rapace. Intensity is her middle name and she maybe a small petite woman but as her past filmography has shown she perfectly able to cope with the worst of the worse, from rapist in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo to Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes not forgetting a certain Alien film with Ridley Scott.

Now for her latest she'll play a single mother with 8 year old son fleeing her violent husband to Oslo living in a large apartment block but they end up having a baby monitor that torments them with the cries of a baby . But is it a murder or something darker and deeper?

I do love a film that plays games on the mind drawing you in making you wonder what's really going on.Is it real? Are  you in danger? Or in the words of the Cypress Hill Song, Insane In Membrane? Soda Pictures are doing the honours here, really looking forward to this especially as I missed it during the Glasgow Film Festival thankfully not long to go March 30th for UK&Ireland.

Anna and her eight year old son Anders are under the witness protection program following a difficult relationship with Anders father. They move into a large apartment complex. Anna becomes overprotective of her son and even buys a babycall to keep track of him. Soon, strange noises from other apartments appear on the monitor, and Anna overhears what might be the murder of a child. Meanwhile, Anders  mysterious new friend starts visiting at odd hours, claiming that he has keys for all the doors in the building. Does this new friend know anything about the murder? And why is Anders drawing stained with blood? Is AnnaĆ¢€™s son still in danger?

A big thanks to Empire

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