26 April 2012

Cannes 2012: Trailer For Hong Sang -Soo's IN ANOTHER COUNTRY

There's some traditions we expect at Cannes Film Festival, a Takashi Miike film, daily Lars Von Trier outburst and a Hong Sang Soo film, one we know wont be happening in the meantime the latter is happening (as is the first one) and we have the trailer! In Another Country stars French actress  Isabelle Huppert who will have a busy schedule as she'll also star in Michael Haneke's Amour, but the actress has been outspoken about her admiration of Korean film during a visit to Seoul her words there made her dream come true.

Having a look at this trailer it does look typically Sang-Soo, quirky plus its mostly in English which should make this film appeal to a slightly bigger audience. It's still mostly a Korean cast  and what we see in the trailer itsa single shot  thats carefully planned just to show off the talents the Korean Auter has mastered.

Huppert plays three different women all named Anne who consecutively stay at a seaside Hotel by the sea meeting the same people on the beach . It may not sound much fun, but it's how he does it, making complex stories sound entertaining and next month at the croisette all will be revealed. No word on a release here however In Another Country will be released in South Korea on May 31st, the film also stars Yu Jun-sang, Moon Seong-geun, Moon So-ri, Yoon Yeo-jeong and Jeong Yu-mi.

Trailer: In Another Country by scottpurin
source wildgrounds

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