12 June 2012


The past few years have been providing some crazy mashups or unexpected film titles and this month we maybe getting Abraham Lincon Vampire Hunter however end of this month at Edinburgh Film Festival they have an even better titled film. Canadian/Danish Dark satircal comedy EDDIE THE SLEEPWALKING CANNIBAL will make its UK Premier at Edinburgh this month and you can simply beat that title! Eddie gets hungry whilst he sleeps but he eats anything! The film played this year's Tribeca Film Festival leaving with rave reviews and on the June 29th & 30th it's our turn here in UK!

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A once successful Danish painter accepts a teaching post at a remote Art School in Canada. There he befriends the mute nephew of one of the school’s crucial benefactors, and rediscovers artistic inspiration in his strange new friend’s bloodthirsty nocturnal activities... Armed with the brilliant Thule Lindhardt’s cleverly endearing central performance, Director Boris Rodriguez deftly achieves a perfect balance of outrageously black humour and genuinely grisly horror, ensuring that Eddie earns its place as a hilariously disturbed cult classic.

source EIFF 

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