4 July 2012

EIFF 2012: Life Just Is Review


Life Just Is is the first full length film written and directed by British director Alex Barrett. The plot focuses on a group of friends who have not long graduated and are having difficulties moving on with their lives, stuck in dead end jobs and unable to figure out what they want now etc.

With a cast that is mainly made up of actors who made their names in Holby City and Eastenders, Life Just Is seems like an appropriate title for a film which does not seem to have anything to say. Clearly there are interesting themes which could have been explored here, but with such a badly written script, awful acting and poor direction, the film leaves the audience exactly where it starts, still wondering when the drama is going to happen.

For example, the friends in question are all meant to be very close with one another, yet cannot have a natural, fluent conversation. The dialogue goes along the lines of ‘Are you okay?’, ‘Yes’, and ‘What’s happening?’, ‘Nothing’; for an hour and forty minutes.

The film ideas sound good on paper, but Life Just Is leaves the viewer completely unsatisfied. For those with a good sense of humour, this could be hilarious, for others: avoid at all cost.

Sophie Stephenson

Screened 2012 Edinburgh Film Festival
Directed By: Alex Barrett
Cast:Will de Meo, Jack Gordon, Fiona Ryan, Jayne Wisener


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