15 August 2012

Cinehouse of Horrors

Greetings horror fans! Welcome to Cinehouse’s first ever horror newsletter, a fortnightly round-up of all things gruesome and macabre, from set pics to posters, trailers to tit-bits. Enjoy!

off, Hellraiser fans should know that some of Paul Gerrard’s (Wrath of the Titans) concept art for the troubled remake is online now. Gerrard and Mike Le Han also put together a teaser trailer as part of their pitch to Dimension Films, but that hasn’t “accidentally” found its way onto the web yet. The update of Clive Barker’s seminal 1987 gothic fable has swapped hands a few times over the past while, at one point Pascal Laugier (Martyrs) was attached to direct, but still hasn’t settled on a writer or director. The sketches are signs that it’s still early days for the production but it seems to be heading in the right direction. see the images here.

On the subject of remakes, Bloody Disgusting has revealed that Lionsgate are contemplating a reboot to the Saw franchise. The seven part saga which became a staple of Halloween horror, releasing a new film every October, ended in 2010 with what most fans felt was a rounded finale. Given that The Amazing Spider-Man has received so much flak for coming just 10 years after Raimi’s original, talk of a Saw remake only 8 years on seems ridiculous. An eighth instalment of the Jigsaw Killer’s legacy however could go either way, especially if the series’ head villain, played by Tobin Bell, returned.

A few new posters for upcoming points of interest have appeared. 2 new posters for Paul W.S. Anderson’s fifth instalment of the Resident Evil franchise is out and this one looks more than ever like an action epic. The films, inspired by the legendary Capcom survival games, have been a massive success since the first one back in 2002 and series regular Milla Jovovich has transformed into an action star over that time. Jovovich will be reunited with Michelle Rodriguez who starred in the first Resident Evil, along with Sienna Guillory and Oded Fehr. Resident Evil: Retribution will be out in cinemas September 28th.

Pascal Laugier caught our eye in 2008 when he unleashed Martyrs on the unsuspecting audiences and catapulted himself to the forefront of new horror talent. His next film The Tall Man (Phantasm fans relax, it’s not what you think) stars Jessica Biel as a young mother out to uncover the legend of a child snatching terror after her son disappears. We're pretty excited. The film is in cinemas August 31st and the poster is out now.Last but not least Rob Zombie’s latest film The Lords of Salem now has its second poster which shows Sheri-Moon Zombie (Rob’s real-life wife and regular feature of his films) looking creepy as Hell. After Zombie’s pitch-perfect grotesque road movie The Devil’s Rejects and his two part reimaging of John Carpenter’s Halloween, his next feature comes highly anticipated.

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