28 October 2012

The Flaying New Trailer Suggests Secrets Should Stay Secret

Those pesky kids never learn! Go on a road trip through Argentina you find an abandoned castle in a forest what should you do? Admire it from a distance and go on, if you know your Horror history nasty things live in those places but they don't listen !In Nicolas Ortiz The Flaying(El Bosque De Los Sometidos) those kid just need investigate and what they find is gruesome secrets and some of the previous residents haven't actually left. Argentina has been becoming a hotspot for horror especially in Latin America as well as get the attention of a few folks around the festival circuit and Ortiz film looks likely to follow suit.

During the early seventies, four teenage friends go on a trip through the interior of Argentina to the north of the country to watch an illegal car race take place in the streets of Cordoba. On their way, they discover a mysterious house left abandoned in the middle of the forest. They decide to investigate further, just to discover its gruesome secrets and the ruined house's former residents.

No word on an release but if festival goer don't be surprise if this turns up screening at a film festival near you in the next 6 to 12 months time! This trailer maybe in it's native Spanish but thanks to the magic CC button on Youtube videos, English subs will appear. sourceTwitch

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