6 November 2012

Trailer For Turkish Period Drama Eve Donus: Sarikamis 1915

For anyone who think trailers don't work or have a purpose for a film maybe Turkish period drama Eve Dönüş: Sarıkamış 1915 may help you think twice about a trailer's purpose. The good folks at Twitch have came across this beautifully shot film with some great art direction, set in the early 20th century the last days of the Ottoman Empire, a part of the Empire we don't really hear much about.

against the Russians during World War II, resulting in the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in; 109.274 soldiers have fallen martyrs 'Sarikamis Offensive' immediately following the East Anatolia region is uncertainty and confusion into a place. Home movie is very different from each other, under these conditions, the community changed from classes and cultures 8 people, in the midst of the silence, surrounded by nature in the wild, the terrible winter conditions where, in an abandoned village of Armenia, survival struggle and tells the story of 'return home'.

 Eve Dönüş: Sarıkamış 1915 will be released nationally in Turkey 30th November

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