20 December 2012

The Weird and wonderful Holy Motors UK Home Release Coming January

A stellar cast including Leos Carax, Denis Lavant, Eva Mendes and Kylie Minogue, beautiful cinematography and extraordinary story combine to make the one and only Holy Motors. Having garnered Five Star reviews in The Guardian, Empire, The Telegraph, The Times, The Irish Times, Eye For Film and the New York Daily News, amongst others, during its hugely successful theatrical release, Holy Motors is the most dazzling, inventive and critically acclaimed film of the year comes to DVD and Blu-ray 28th January 2013.

Synopsis:Over the course of a single day, Monsieur Oscar travels by limousine around Paris to a series of nine “appointments,” transforming into a new character at each stop. Picked up in the morning by Céline, his trusty chauffeur, Oscar begins the day as a captain of industry before becoming a disabled, old gypsy woman begging for spare change on a bridge over the Seine.

Oscar’s seven proceeding incarnations call on what seem to be arbitrary locations throughout the day and night, including a video production facility, the Pere-Lachaide cemetery and a decaying Right Bank department store. With the aid of Céline and his dependable motor, Oscar encounters many bizarre situations and individuals, changing faces and never stopping once, until he fulfils his appointments.

A Palme d’Or nominee and winner of the Prix de la Jeunesse at Cannes Film Festival 2012, winner of the Gold Hugo for Best International Feature and Silver Hugos for Best Actor (Leo Carax) and Best Cinematography (Caroline Champetier and Yves Cape) at the Chicago International Film Festival and winner of the Best Director, Best Film and Critic’s Award at the Catalonian International Film Festival, Leos Carax’s “Holy Motors” is a heartfelt love letter to Cinema by one of today’s most visionary filmmakers.

Part horror movie, part noir-ish crime thriller; part romantic drama, part musical; part comedy, part sci-fi fantasy: it is a film that is almost as impossible to describe as it is to resist. All in all, it is essential viewing for everyone who enjoys the magic of the movies.

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Holy Motors will be yours to own on DVD, Blu-Ray from 28th January 2013.

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