14 February 2013

Frodo Wants You To Watch The Precious, New UK Maniac Trailer

In 2001 Elijah Wood started on the long road to destroy the precious 12 years on Frodo does seem have eyes on the precious but its not the one ring to rule them all but woman's scalps, behold the UK trailer for Maniac.

Franck Khalfoun directs remake  of the 1981 William Lustig cult horror classic which sees Wood give up his big hairy hobbit feet for a knife to play Frank a disturbed Mannequin shop owner whose life was controlled and destroyed by his abusive mother. Thanks to that upbringing he finds himself killing women for their scalps!

If your a fan of  co-writer Alexander Aja's films you will certainly enjoy the style and gore of Maniac. The film seems to be a homage to the slasher films of the era with camera shots, lighting even the synth style score given the film an extra dimension of dread and authenticity. The previous trailers have fallen into the 'let's reveal all the film in the trailer' category thankfully UK trailer doesn't spoil the broth but focuses on Frank's psychotic side.

Elijah Wood has proven with Sin City he can play the disturbed unnerving parts  but can say Maniac will be his darkest most unsettling role to date. Maniac has been released in some non-English speaking parts of the world receiving mixed reviews thankfully the film is creeping into English speaking areas delivering more positive reviews and Maniac looking like a solid noir-esque remake.Whatever you do ladies don't fall for those big innocent eyes of Frodo Baggins as it'll be the last eyes you see!

Maniac will be released in UK on 15th March, no USA date confirmed but expect it later this year. The film also co-stars America Olivo and Nora Arnezeder


Just when the downtown Los Angeles streets seemed safe, a serial killer with a fetish for scalps is back on the hunt. Frank is the withdrawn owner of a mannequin store, but his life changes when young artist Anna appears asking for his help with her new photo exhibition. As their friendship develops and Frank’s obsession escalates, it becomes clear she has unleashed a long-repressed compulsion to stalk and kill.

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