1 March 2013

Pedro Almodóvar Invites You On board To Watch First uk Trailer I'm So Excited

 If someone was to describe to you Pedro Almodovar's unique style Woody Allen meets John Waters you probably disagree until you see the UK Trailer For I'm So Excited, it's camp all the way!

The Skin I Live In  director goes all camp for his follow up film with a colourful over the top comedy about a  a group of travellers onboard a flight towards Mexico City who find themselves in a life threatening situation. So what's the best remedy to save everyone? Get the all singing, dancing male attendants to belt out an disco classic pointer sisters 'it's so excited' which ironically is the film's name!

There was another trailer just before christmas but this new trailer has some funny new footage and explains the actually plot a little better. If you are a fan of Almodovar  you know expect the unexpected and It's so excited will have a ray of unexpectedness about it but that's why we love the Spanish Auteur so much!

I'm so excited will be released in UK on 3rd May and stars Javier Cámara, Pepa Charro, Cecilia Roth with cameo appearances from Almodovar regulars  Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas, paz vega.


A technical failure has endangered the lives of the people on board Peninsula Flight 2549. The pilots are striving, along with their colleagues in the Control Center, to find a solution. The flight attendants and the chief steward are atypical, baroque characters who, in the face of danger, try to forget their own personal problems and devote themselves body and soul to the task of making the flight as enjoyable as possible for the passengers, while they wait for a solution. Life in the clouds is as complicated as it is at ground level, and for the same reasons, which could be summarized in two: sex and death.

source: Total Film

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