4 October 2013

Oval Space Cinema Club presents: Berberian Sound Studio

Continuing with its monthly series of independent film screenings, Oval Space Cinema Club is delighted to announce its Halloween special: Berberian Sound Studio, the multiple award-winning 2012 psychological thriller by acclaimed director Peter Strickland.

Curated with dedication to the art and power of filmmaking, Oval Space Cinema Club covers everything from groundbreaking political documentaries to art house explorations from across the globe. Always geared to adding something extra to the cinematic experience, Oval Space aims to engage and inspire film fans with a carefully selected program of Q + As with directors, heated panel discussions, open debates and more.

Set in 1976, the film follows mild-mannered and introverted sound engineer Gilderoy (Toby Jones) as he leaves the comfort of the home he shares with his mother in Dorking for a film studio in Italy. Having previously specialised in providing the sounds of babbling brooks and birdcalls for British natural history films, Gilderoy finds himself at the centre of a production for ‘The Equestrian Vortex’, a gory horror film by exploitation maestro Giancarlo Santini, requiring him to design sounds for mutilation, torture and terror.

Soon, life begins to imitate art and Gilderoy finds himself lost in a downward spiral of on-screen witchcraft, off-screen sexual intrigue and psychological mayhem as realities shift.

An homage to the art of analogue sound and a brilliantly executed deconstruction of the Italian horror genre, Strickland’s masterpiece features an excellent soundtrack from Broadcast, a signature band of Warp Records and has won multiple awards, including Best Film at the Toronto Film Critics Association, Film of the Year at the Evening Standard London Film Awards and Best Actor nods for Toby Jones at the Evening Standard London Film Awards and the British Independent Film Awards (BIFA).

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