10 November 2013

Wolf Children Will 'Howl' Onto Home Release This Christmas

Anime, Japanese Animation
Manga UK
DVD & Blu-Ray
Release Date:
23rd December 2013 (UK)
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When your kids get sick, do you take them to the doctor or the vet? That's the sort of dilemma faced by Hana, the young mother of boisterous Yuki and her timid little brother Ame. But then Yuki and Ame are no ordinary children: thanks to their wolf man dad, the two can transform into wolves at will! A charming modern folktale from internationally acclaimed director Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time), Wolf Children is a beautiful, touching movie that will appeal to all ages, whether they're anime fans or not.

In March, Wolf Children scooped the prestigious Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year - an award that director Mamoru Hosoda also won with his previous film Summer Wars back in 2010.

Co-produced by Hosoda's own Studio Chizu and anime veterans Madhouse, Wolf Children earned over $50 million in Japanese cinemas, making it Japan's fifth highest grossing movie of 2012. Wolf Children has won multiple awards, not only in Japan but also in the US and Europe. Now the film after a very limited UK cinema & festival release now in December you will get a chance to own this film on DVD or Blu-Ray.

19-year-old Hana is studying at university when she falls in love with a mysterious classmate with a highly unusual secret - he is the last descendant of Japan's now-extinct grey wolves, and possesses the ability to transform into a wolf. Not daunted by this, Hana and her wolf man lover start a family, with energetic daughter Yuki ('Snow') soon followed by her more timid little brother Ame ('Rain').

But when tragedy strikes and her wolf man suddenly dies, Hana is left to cope with the two young children on her own - and both Yuki and Ame have inherited their dad's power to shift between human and wolf form. Moving to the countryside and the seclusion of an abandoned old house in the mountains, Hana hopes to raise her family away from prying eyes …but life's not that simple.

Part slice-of-life drama about the joys and tribulations of single mother Hana raising her half-wolf kids, part rite-of-passage movie about finding your place in the world, Wolf Children is a funny, moving and accessible film directed by a true anime great. With their mixed heritage, Yuki and Ame feel the pull of both sides of their nature …but which world will win out, the human or the wolf?

The Collector's Edition Bonus Disc Contents will include U.S. Actor & Staff Commentary,English Language Trailer,Stage Greetings
,PR Video Director’s Version 01 and 02,Promotional Video,Original Trailer and Original Teaser.
Wolf Children will be released by Manga UK on DVD and Blu-Ray 23rd December 2013.

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