12 February 2014

Watch The UK Trailer For The Two Faces Of January But Who Should You Trust?

They always say trust your instinct even if ot means trusting no one  in  The Two Faces Of January starring Viggo Mortensen  you shouldn't trust anyone, watch UK trailer.

The Two Faces Of January we meet a con man Chester  MacFarland ( Viggo Mortensen) who has fled to Athens with his young wife (Kirsten Dunst). But when the glamorous couple are sightseeing a local tour guide as well as scam artist Rydal (Oscar Isaac) is drawn to Chester's wife Colette's beauty and her husband's charismatic charm. After a dinner date Rydal agrees to help however as he's not trustworthy his past and Chester's get intertwined making everything even more complicated.

This film marks the directorial debut for  Hossein Amini who is known for his writing skills on classic Drive and he looks he has  adapted some of that  visual style of that film into this one. I can see a big Talented Mr Ripley inspiration here and with the film been based on the queen of suspense Patrica Highsmith novel  this will be a  an taut, intense intriguing film, all round solid film. It's good to see  Oscar Isaac in another eading role and alongside  Viggo Mortensen this should be an fantastic film to check out this summer.

The Two Faces Of January will be released on 16th May in UK & Ireland.

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