6 April 2014

Bradford International Film Festival: Rage (2009)

Rating: 15
Bradford International Film Festival
4th April 2014
Sally Potter
Judi Dench, Riz Ahmed, Eddie Izzard

In Rage we see Sally Potter returning to a more formally experimental style. The film’s cast, which includes Judi Dench, Eddie Izzard, Steve Buscemi, and Jude Law, to name but a few, never actually meet. Instead, Potter has them all performing individually in front of a mobile phone camera against a blue screen, changing the backgrounds colour to match the eyes or other objects about their person, such as the blazing pink to match Dame Judi’s painted finger nails. The film’s premise hinges on a series of monologues the various members of the fashion industry give at the launch of their latest show, given to a student, whom we never see or hear, called Michelangelo as he quizzes them for his web project. With the interviews repeatedly interrupted by bizarre deaths and murders that happen off screen, the film becomes increasingly tiresome. The satire of the industry not revealing anything we did not already know. In The Tango Lesson, Potter was in the process of making a film called Rage that we saw as day-dream sequences in which a group of models were shot dead one by one in the midst of a media frenzy, if Potter had made that film we might have been in for a much more intriguing affair.

Shane James

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