2 September 2014

Film Review - Sex Tape (2014)

Columbia Pictures
Release Date:
3rd September 2014
Rating: 15
Run Time:
94 Minutes
Jake Kasdan
Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, Rob Corddry, Ellie Kemper, Rob Lowe

The film tells the story of Annie and Jay. College sweethearts who have been together for a decade, have two kids, and whilst everything seems to be ok, are in a slump. They decide to spice things up with a sex tape, which accidentally gets uploaded onto the cloud, and they find themselves in a race to get back all the ipads which Jay has given out to friends.

The trailers for this film made it out to be a right rotten flick. I was honestly dreading seeing this, and you know what, I was pleasantly surprised. Was it the best slash funniest film I’ve seen this year? No. But it did entertain me for about half the time and I chuckled a lot more than I expected to.

Coming from the producers of Bad Teacher, and building on the chemistry of Segel and Diaz. This film sees them cast as a married couple, one who started off very sexual, but as the year go by, and kids arrive, they find themselves not copulating as much as they used too. Enter, the sex tape. What happens next is pretty much just a series of set pieces/vignettes, and nothing more. Once that it done it turns into something a little bit more. It becomes a film about a couple, and them going through a rut. A rut that they don’t really even know about.

The chemistry between the leads is actually quite good. They are believable, yet over the top at the same time. The side characters are decent enough with Corddry and Kemper making the most with what they are given. Rob Lowe plays little more than a sinister Chris Tregar (his character from Parks and Recreation), but he plays that character well.

There’s nothing really that memorable or special about this film, its one of those ones which you can watch once, and never really have an inkling to watch again.

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Ricky Diaz

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