24 November 2014

Watch a Live Q&A with the Cast of Into the Woods

Disney's latest live-action offering Into The Woods won't hit UK theatres until January 9th, but to whet your appetite you can watch a 50 minute Q&A with the cast and crew below that was conducted last Saturday following a US screening.

Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, Chris PineJames Corden and Emily Blunt were among those in attendance, along with director Rob Marshall and screenwriter James Lapine. Into The Woods, a star-studded musical ensemble piece inspired by Grimm's Fairytales, also features Johnny Depp, although he was absent from the event.

Legendary composer Stephen Sondheim was also unable to attend due to a viral infection, although he did leave a note which was sassily read aloud by Meryl Streep, culminating in some top-tier shade throwing.

Watch the stream below, courtesy of Yahoo Movies:

US viewers will be able to see Into The Woods on December 25th.

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