24 April 2015

MUBI Selects - Friday 24th April 2015

The weekend is over, time to relax, wind down after the hard slog of the week.Refuel your brain with sophistication andour latest selection of  MUBI Selects.

In our latest weekly 'Mubi Selects' we've teamed with MUBI the purveyors of great cinema online curating a great selection of cult, classic, independent, and award-winning movies. It's an international community discovering wonderful intelligent thought provoking films MUBI is your passport to those great films.

MUBI unleash great new films every week and in our MUBI Selects we've picked  a selection of those great movies  help you enjoy that lazy weekend you desire...

I Love Beijing (2000)| Ning Ying

Asia and China especially have delivered some intriguing filmmakers Ning Ying is one of the '5th Generation' however she hasn't attracted the fame that other 5th generation like Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige. She is more modest but some say more naturalistic visionary of her country finding the bleakness, the hope and the toll of modernisation of China.Its a tale of wandering Beijing Taxi driver who drives the streets adrift aimlessly adrift looking for women like Beijing looking for its identity as tradition fades, future uncertain. I love Beijing may have not aged well but captures the emptiness of life in that decade.

Youth Of The Beast (1963) | Seijun Suzuki
He's was given the boilerplate of action but gave the world satire pop-art gangster films, Seijun Suzuki helped mould the 'Yakuza' movie.Japanese New Wave? Possibly,brutality that came with the urban myth of the Yakuza can be seen here but you feel it was a production made under constant state of agitation. Youth Of The Beast tells the tale of a mysterious stranger who muscles his way into rival gangs in The Tokyo underworld which is now overan with violence. Flamboyant, absurd,hallucinatory, trademark Suzuki.

The Conformist (1970) | Bernardo Bertolucci

Masterpiece is the first thing anyone says when someone mentions The Conformist.It's Italian filmmaking goes French New Wave in the perfect example of wartorn Italy and the power of ideology. As a weak man becomes a patsy of fascism sent out to assassinate is old teacher a now political dissident. Beautiful cinematography a style that would inspire many great films that followed this from Godfather to Blade Runner.

Why not give up on those expensive chain coffees once a while, to enjoy the weekend and every day great films at MUBI? click below to get more info on the other fantastic films on offer...

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