9 August 2015

Watch The Video Essays On Colour In Storytelling And Black&White Cinematography In Film

We all know about the basic structure of creating a wonderful storytelling but sometimes we forget about some of those little things that make a movie great. Colour (or color as they call it in USA) is sometimes makes or breaks of film and the importance is highlighted in this brilliant 16 minute video essay. Created by Channel Criswell the video dives into from early days of 1900s, Georges Méliès how it was used right through to the current day techniques.This is a well researched film and it's indepth look into Wes Anderson, Ang Lee (Life Of PI on Channel 4 tonight, 9pm) even George Lucas how they do things, breaking it down which I'm sure make us analyze films in a different way.

From the polar opposite of Colour in storytelling this next video celebrates Black&White cinematography in a brilliant montage created by Point Plot Productions. When you think of use of colour you automatically associate it with the films of past but as we know many stylings from those days are been used regularly by present day film makers.It shows the challenges cinematographers faced, forcing them to be more expressively Film Noir is one genre that used the limited colour pallette to it;s maximum potential


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