8 October 2015

The Esscence Of Humanity - Watch New Video Essay On Hayao Miyazaki's Films

Studio Ghibli needs no introduction they stawlarts some even call them animation leaders, so when the news of their current hiatus arrived it shocked many of us. Hayao Miyazaki has been one of the leaders of the popular Japanese studio and to many he gives them the unique edge over the rivals.But compared to those other masters of animation even feature film Miyazaki-san is no ordinary filmmaker.

In a new 17 minute video essay from Channel Chriswell  they look at 'The Essence Of Humanity' in Miyazaki's film. A bleand of fantasy with a healthy dose of realism, characters with emotional traits, a films that will entertain but also educate us on human condition. Some films come with a message, sometimes that message not always one a child may understand but created in a delicate but beautiful vision that portrays animation is for everyone.

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