7 October 2015

Watch Pan's Labyrinth Video Essay on 'Disobedient Fairy Tale'

16th October sees Guillermo Del Toro return to the genre which delivered him fame, horror and Gothic horror. Crimson Peak if anything takes us back to the classic haunted house horror of the likes of The Innocents, House On Haunted Hill and The Haunting. Del Toro you could say is a master of The Brother's Grimm tales and probably some may argue his finest moment with his release of Pan's Labyrinth.

In a new 8 minute video essay from Nerdwriter called 'Pan's Labyrinth: Disobedient Fary Tale' delives into the film's themes. It's a dark, gritty, fantasy film delving that's not afraid to showcase it's Walt Disney inspiration but it's one of a theme of disobedience. And without giving too much away for those who have not seen this wonderful film you could say Pan's Labyrinth in away is another story of Adam And Eve. A scene our protagonist is forbidden to eat the food from a certain character as her life dependened on it, This film could easily be the story of Snow White as the girl Ofelia could easily be related to Dorothy from Wizard Of Oz and Alice In Wonderland all young women like Ofelia who rebelled.Empowered to make choices, the right choices or simply been a teenager .

source TheFilmStage

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